CULT at CSMs Platform Theatre was a HIT


As the performance was going live at the white lab of CSMs PDP section, audience could enter the scenario or watch a live stream to the Platform Theatre. Nana Maiolini decided to have the stream done by two mobile phones sending via Skype- to give a rough, harsh spooky image. DOPs of the evening were Chensey Gueng and Federico “De” Manachino, the live editing was executed by Nana Maiolini and Zeeshan Azad. Audience could walk back and forth between live show and video stream. The performing team of the night: Martina Conti, Isabella Bruno, Oscar Silva, Mathias Berndt, Georg Bütow, Francis Botu, Erik Lintu. Special thanks to Steve Keays and the tech staff of the Platform Theatre, Michael Breaker and Mike Spencer for support.

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